Why Investment in Online Reputation Management is Smart Business Decision?

Business owners think about online reputation management when someone posts bad online reviews about them. Considering people are increasingly using internet to talk & share brand reviews, the threat of negative online feedback is even greater.

In such a scenario, waiting for negative online reviews and feedback to invest in online reputation management can cost you dearly.

Below are some reasons why you should invest in ORM service before negative online publicity happens;

Reputation is fragile online – Brands have never been more vulnerable. Internet has empowered everyone to hold an opinion and share it through social media. Customers use sites like Ripoffreport, Yelp and ComplaintsBoard to share feedback. In such a scenario, brands need to protect their fragile brand reputation with professional management services.

Negative links cannot be deleted – Unless website owner agrees to do so (which almost never happens), you will never be able to bring down negative link entirely. They can be pushed down in ranking but rarely removed. However, with effective reputation building and monitoring strategy in place, you can stop such bad links to reach first page results.

Best estimate of brand value – By investing in reputation monitoring, you will have a better understanding of customer sentiment. In case people are criticizing your brand over a specific matter, you can come forward and clear the matter before any major reputation damage. So, brand monitoring & management will also lead for improvements.

Better reputation management approach – Being proactive is the best way to handle reputation management crisis. Established businesses track their brand name online to take timely action against defaming content and negative posts. This is obviously a better approach than acting in haste to handle reputation attack.

Small investment – Removing an authority link of negative nature from Google’s first page can take more than a year in worst cases. You can imagine the business loss from such a negative online resource. Business owners have become aware of this and thus prefer to play it safe by investing a small amount in reputation management services.

Online reputation building, monitoring and management will not only help you in dominating Google’s first page results but also prepare you better for web obsessed future. If high cost of online reputation management stopping you from going for it, then, let’s take this moment to break a myth.

Truth behind cost of online reputation management

Under the illusion of high online reputation management cost, business owners hesitate to invest in online brand building and monitoring. However, the truth is entirely different. The cost of online reputation management is actually in the budget of even small businesses.

FATbit Technologies is one of the few reputation management agencies that handle reputation management projects at small monthly budget. Check out reputation management packages for better cost undertaking.

So, are you still going to wait for a negative review to ruin your online presence?


About Sandeep Thakur

Sandeep Thakur works as Internet Marketing Strategist at FATbit Technologies and has been active in the online marketing industry for many years. He is also the online marketing consultant of FATbit’s leading product Yo!Kart, a multivendor ecommerce system to launch ecommerce stores at low price. More Info link:http://www.fatbit.com/website-design-company/multi-vendor-ecommerce-system.html Follow on Twitter: @sandeepsktr
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