Online Reputation Management Tips for Dentists

Would it surprise you, if I tell that 74% of online users depend on reviews and feedback for differentiating the service provides? Hence, your online reputation matters the most if you are one of the dentists who are active online for potential clients.

What is Online Reputation?

In simplest words, it can be defined as the way how you are looked by a random internet user.What they read about you, what they write about you and what they share about you is all that makes your online status.

ORM Services for Dentists

As a professional dentist it is your need to make yourself available online, so that the patients can search you from there. Hence, you cannot rule out the need of building up positive image of your clinic, as the negative appearance may kill your career.

What your patients think about you is important but what they share further is more important. So, make sure that you are updated about each and every mention about you that takes place on Yahoo, Google or Bing. For this you can use services like Google alerts that notify webmasters about each and every event where one’s name is used or written.

There are two stages in which our Reputation Mangers can help your business:

Stage 1 of Online Reputation Management

This one is for you, if you are a newly passed out dentist thinking of starting your own dental clinic or a known professional of your area, who wants to spread the business through online marketing. This is the stage where nothing wrong has been said about you. Here, the reputation management starts right from the point of website creation.

Distributing testimonials, leaving status, inviting conversations about a dental service are few activities that we do to bring up a positive outlook in potential clients. We make sure that people searching for local business, find you compelling through reviews and ratings. Spreading a word on web about the dental qualification & specialization, work experience, the dental school from where one passed out etc. is few things that make this happen

Stage2 of Online Reputation Management

Another situation where you may need to hire ORM experts is when your competitors or unpleased customers try to degrade your position with negative feedback. Usually companies claim to delete all the negative mentions done by patients but that’s a sham. It’s not really possible to erase the negative reviews as those are published on third party sites. All you can do is to nullify their effect with more good reviews and rating.

Even if you have the authority to delete few of them, do not ever choose this option as it gives a more negative impression. Instead of that you should try rectifying the errors by posting new ones, answering & justifying the existing ones.

FATbit delivers personalized solutions to build up the plus points and drop down the minuses. We hook up to your social media networks and keep a strong follow-up to maintain the good reputation. Check out our ORM Packages.

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