Dos and Don’ts of Online Reputation Management- Follow Best Practices & Avoid Mistakes

Today we are well passed the discussion – whether online reputation management (ORM) is necessary or not. Simplest logic behind reputation management is – if you won’t handle your brand’s online reputation, others will. And once the damage is done, whether through negative comments or reviews, recovery is slow – painstakingly slow – especially for startups and small businesses.

Hiring online reputation management companies has become a common practice among all businesses owing to challenges that search engines have put forth lately. But the solution is still beyond the horizon. Many ORM firms have developed a habit of going a bit overboard in managing negative links, which surrounds threat of getting penalized by Google. Websites that do not follow the precise ways of ORM are likely to get removed from the Google result pages altogether.

2483350_175aaA negative link hurts, but Google penalty could be the death of a brand. Here are a few tips on what practices should and shouldn’t be followed to make an ORM campaign successful:

1. Content Creation

Regular Panda updates by Google have changed the way how content had been used in recent years. In short, content again became the king.

  • Post informative content as promotional one will never clean up your spoilt reputation nor engage the target audience. Research based posts, on the contrary can contribute value to search engine results too.imgghjages
  • Choose relevant blogging and article sites. Plan your content in accordance with the interests of target users and offer useful posts to create the impression of an expert of your industry.
  • Write content that is original, high quality, primarily informative, and easy to understand. Follow the same approach whether it is the web content, blog, articles or press releases.


  • Don’t indulge in promotional content.
  • Avoid stuffing the content with keywords to get higher rankings on search engines, whether it is SEO or ORM. Sooner or later such practices get detected by search engines and can lead to the ultimatum – penalty.
  • Don’t use copied content as plagiarism is severely punished under Google’s Panda algorithm.

2. Dealing with Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are bound to happen, despite a business’s best intentions. But how a negative feedback is handled by a business eventually decides what impact it will have on brand’s reputation.

  • Respond tactfully to negative feedbacks. Remember time is of essence here, therefore, respond quickly & try to resolve the issue right away. In case you cannot address the issue instantly, apologize and ask for inputs and thank clients/customers for that.


  • Don’t get defensive, respond in haste or adopt the tone of reviewers and get into argument with them.
  • Don’t ignore them. Whether it is a spammy negative feedback or from a real customers. It can tarnish your brand image badly in the long.

3. Handling Positive Reviews

Positive reviews act as deterrent to push down negative results in SERPs.  Negative links can never be deleted from search engine but if you have enough positive results to combat, they get displaced to positions that are least accessible to users.

  • Share positive feedbacks on your social m9sep2-01edia profiles so that they get viewed more. Social media networks have high authority and if you update a profile regularly, that makes it rank on top positions of SERPs.


  • Don’t share positive feedbacks without checking whether they are from spammers or real users. For instance, if a reviewer writes, “nice post”, “I like it”, etc. and nothing else, then it should be checked. Additionally, reviews from anonymous users should also be verified before using. If you use such reviews for promotion, Google might penalize you.

4. Building Backlinks

Knowing what to share and where to share is crucial for quality backlinks. When it comes to ORM links should be your prime concern as most of the websites that get penalized by Google are those which forget to follow its guidelines.

  • Check web directories before adding backlinks to websites. Approach websites that promote services similar to yours, have high domain authority and are reputed among internet users.


  • Don’t add backlinks to spammy or poorly ranked websites that are known to take users to irrelevant pages. Also, beware of spammy websites in disguise. A misstep here can drop your search engine ranking drastically.

5. Recognizing Optimization Scope

Same SEO/Google norms must be followed while doing ORM. In ORM, approach is different and somewhat more selective than SEO, which often creates room for crossing the line.

  • Target sites & communities which can be controlled. The sites giving you the freedom to edit and unapproved comments should be used more for reputation repair.
  • Focus on sites that give you the authority to control content by allowing comment editing and account deletion.
  • Invest in social media platforms to create positive links as they have high domain authority and are ranked high by search engines.


  • Don’t create profiles on too many review sites, as it increases chances of getting new negative comments.
  • If the negative review comes from a user then avoid participating in leading review sites as it will add to the damage. Such sites have high domain authority and their links can be difficult to push down. Users don’t bother about scams but take another user’s review quite seriously, so be cautious while participating on a site that offers user-generated content.
  • Avoid Anchor Text Over Optimization. While targeting a negative anchor text, use variations. For instance, for ‘ABC reviews’, use ‘ABC reviews in New York’, or ‘ABC Facebook reviews’, etc. Repetitive exact match anchors signify link building, look unnatural and for that matter can lead to Google penalty.

It is important to understand that ORM is more about decreasing the prominence of negative links by creating more positive links of high domain authority. It eventually helps in pushing negative links down.

ORM is an ongoing and tedious process, and various factors decide how much time it will take. So, if an ORM firm says that it can bring results immediately, or remove negative links from the SERPs altogether, you need to know their clearly.

ORM expert FATbit Technologies recommends businesses not to buy offers that promise instant results as it can cost you heavily whenever Google Panda or Penguin get updated. Some ORM firms do it intentionally, others due to lack of expertise, but unethical practices get punished eventually.

Lesson to Learn: Create a clear road map of dos and don’ts before repairing online reputation or hire ORM firm that has the knowhow to recognize the fine line between optimization and over optimization.

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Why Investment in Online Reputation Management is Smart Business Decision?

Business owners think about online reputation management when someone posts bad online reviews about them. Considering people are increasingly using internet to talk & share brand reviews, the threat of negative online feedback is even greater.

In such a scenario, waiting for negative online reviews and feedback to invest in online reputation management can cost you dearly.

Below are some reasons why you should invest in ORM service before negative online publicity happens;

Reputation is fragile online – Brands have never been more vulnerable. Internet has empowered everyone to hold an opinion and share it through social media. Customers use sites like Ripoffreport, Yelp and ComplaintsBoard to share feedback. In such a scenario, brands need to protect their fragile brand reputation with professional management services.

Negative links cannot be deleted – Unless website owner agrees to do so (which almost never happens), you will never be able to bring down negative link entirely. They can be pushed down in ranking but rarely removed. However, with effective reputation building and monitoring strategy in place, you can stop such bad links to reach first page results.

Best estimate of brand value – By investing in reputation monitoring, you will have a better understanding of customer sentiment. In case people are criticizing your brand over a specific matter, you can come forward and clear the matter before any major reputation damage. So, brand monitoring & management will also lead for improvements.

Better reputation management approach – Being proactive is the best way to handle reputation management crisis. Established businesses track their brand name online to take timely action against defaming content and negative posts. This is obviously a better approach than acting in haste to handle reputation attack.

Small investment – Removing an authority link of negative nature from Google’s first page can take more than a year in worst cases. You can imagine the business loss from such a negative online resource. Business owners have become aware of this and thus prefer to play it safe by investing a small amount in reputation management services.

Online reputation building, monitoring and management will not only help you in dominating Google’s first page results but also prepare you better for web obsessed future. If high cost of online reputation management stopping you from going for it, then, let’s take this moment to break a myth.

Truth behind cost of online reputation management

Under the illusion of high online reputation management cost, business owners hesitate to invest in online brand building and monitoring. However, the truth is entirely different. The cost of online reputation management is actually in the budget of even small businesses.

FATbit Technologies is one of the few reputation management agencies that handle reputation management projects at small monthly budget. Check out reputation management packages for better cost undertaking.

So, are you still going to wait for a negative review to ruin your online presence?

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How to Push Down Online Negative Reviews? Quick Guide by FATbit Technologies

Online Business Tips, Tutorials & Solutions

Negative reviews can turn disastrous killing your sales & traffic before you even realize. These links rank high in search engine results pages too and affect the brand image adversely. To avoid any long term loss from bad reviews, working on overall reputation is important while doing the damage control.

online brand protection

How negative feedbacks can hurt your business?

Loss of unique visitors– Online searchers who are new to a business switch to other/competitors sites when they see negative reviews of a business.

Overall loss of Sales– Both existing & new traffic drops due to bad impression formed among users & thus affects sales.

Brand Damage– Negative reviews lead to loss of trust hurting your brand image eventually.

Quick Guide to Push down Negative Online Reviews

Here is a quick guide by FATbit Technologies, on how negative links/reviews can be pushed down so that they don’t appear on…

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Online Reputation Management Tips for Dentists

Would it surprise you, if I tell that 74% of online users depend on reviews and feedback for differentiating the service provides? Hence, your online reputation matters the most if you are one of the dentists who are active online for potential clients.

What is Online Reputation?

In simplest words, it can be defined as the way how you are looked by a random internet user.What they read about you, what they write about you and what they share about you is all that makes your online status.

ORM Services for Dentists

As a professional dentist it is your need to make yourself available online, so that the patients can search you from there. Hence, you cannot rule out the need of building up positive image of your clinic, as the negative appearance may kill your career.

What your patients think about you is important but what they share further is more important. So, make sure that you are updated about each and every mention about you that takes place on Yahoo, Google or Bing. For this you can use services like Google alerts that notify webmasters about each and every event where one’s name is used or written.

There are two stages in which our Reputation Mangers can help your business:

Stage 1 of Online Reputation Management

This one is for you, if you are a newly passed out dentist thinking of starting your own dental clinic or a known professional of your area, who wants to spread the business through online marketing. This is the stage where nothing wrong has been said about you. Here, the reputation management starts right from the point of website creation.

Distributing testimonials, leaving status, inviting conversations about a dental service are few activities that we do to bring up a positive outlook in potential clients. We make sure that people searching for local business, find you compelling through reviews and ratings. Spreading a word on web about the dental qualification & specialization, work experience, the dental school from where one passed out etc. is few things that make this happen

Stage2 of Online Reputation Management

Another situation where you may need to hire ORM experts is when your competitors or unpleased customers try to degrade your position with negative feedback. Usually companies claim to delete all the negative mentions done by patients but that’s a sham. It’s not really possible to erase the negative reviews as those are published on third party sites. All you can do is to nullify their effect with more good reviews and rating.

Even if you have the authority to delete few of them, do not ever choose this option as it gives a more negative impression. Instead of that you should try rectifying the errors by posting new ones, answering & justifying the existing ones.

FATbit delivers personalized solutions to build up the plus points and drop down the minuses. We hook up to your social media networks and keep a strong follow-up to maintain the good reputation. Check out our ORM Packages.

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Hire Online Reputation Management Company of India for guaranteed results

You may come across various Online Reputation Management Company of India while searching for the best one. Make your decision easier by choosing the one that has the potential to offer quick & guaranteed results. Time plays most important role in pushing down negative links or building positive image online. The longer it takes the higher is damage. So quickness of results matter the most.

Hire Online Reputation Management Company of India for guaranteed results

FATbit Technologies is the ORM Company of India that promises quick & assured results with its expert handling. The company manages online reputation of various brands, businesses & professionals from the field of real estate, medical, financial as well as works for individuals like politicians & celebrities.

Few companies which are supposedly known as the top brands of ORM industry also outsource their reputation management projects to FATbit. The company has completed various online reputation repair jobs assigned by well-known ORM firms.

You can Hire FATbit for following ORM services: (Build, Monitor & Repair Online Image)

  • Building Positive online reputation
  • Controlling negative attacks
  • Removing negative links from top SERPs
  • Maintaining  the built reputation

PORM (Proactive Online Reputation Management)

Apart from the above-said processes, FATbit is actively involved in Proactive Online Reputation Management of various brands. The service has been introduced for saving businesses from future threats to their online reputation. It suggests of investing less time & money today instead of shelling out more tomorrow.

Proactive Online Reputation Management

PORM is about creating a strong defense in advance so that no negative review or link can attack your brand name. Under this, the company takes few actions to build up strong reputation of a business aiming to occupy top position of SERPs with positive links. FATbit’s ORM experts create authority resources & credible business profiles and optimize them to gain top places on Google.

Why Choose PORM?

  • The cost of Proactive ORM is less than Reactive ORM.
  • It helps increasing website traffic & sales.
  • The social media profiles add to fan following & help brand building.
  • Investing in PORM increase chances of recovery from negative links.
  • PORM makes the damage control easier as you already have positive links to fight back.
  • It’s better to spend a little today than spending thousands of dollars later on repairs & pushing down defaming links.

GET PORM at $300 & Save your Online Reputation from Future Damage

Ask for Details

Affordable ORM Packages with Money Back Guarantee

FATbit’s ORM packages offer real value to your money as they come with money back guarantee. The agency offers refund on not being able to meet the set targets which makes it the most trusted ORM Company in industry.

You get to choose from a vast range of packages that are affordable & made to suit the budget of various clients depending on their different needs. Timely progress is major concern and to make it happen FATbit has an experienced ORM team consisting of best professionals.

Discuss the issues of your Online Reputation with Best ORM Experts

Request for Consultation

With proven experience of 9+ years and excellent work history, FATbit assures best treatment of negative links & that without costing you unreasonably. Check out more about the ORM services through official site. For any other query you can leave your comments below.

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PORM (Proactive Online Reputation Management) to Kill Negative Reviews Before They Born

Online Business Tips, Tutorials & Solutions

Reputation management experts at FATbit Technologies introduces new service named PORM (Proactive online reputation management).
Businesses, celebrities and companies all over the world struggle with bad online reputation. It’s high time you build strong reputation shield around your business/brand for protecting it from online reputation attack. To kill the negative links & reviews before they are even born.

PORM - Proactive Online Reputation Management


Proactive reputation management means defeating negative reviews and defaming links before they are created. Under proactive reputation management plan, we create strong business profiles and authority resources that occupy top position in search results and become stronger with each passing day.

Proactive online reputation management plan has been created by FATbit Technologies so that businesses can save thousands of dollars spent on reactive online reputation management.

Why go Proactive?

Online reputation is very fragile. Bad reputation links created by unhappy customers and business rivals can rain havoc on your online reputation…

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